POLMOT MOTOR MAKİNA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.S. founded in Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 2002 manufactures submersible pumps and motors.

Poleks Makine Sanayi A.Ş. founded by Polat family in 1970 entered into manufacturing industry with structure of its factory. It is known worldwide with its motor renovation machines.

Our company with its highly qualified staff which has started its studies in research and development in order to enter into a new industry in 2002 has established its facility for production of 5” – 6” – 7” – 8” – 10” branded submersible pumps and motors and is eager to share its knowledge and experience which have been accumulated since 1970 with you, our valuable customers. It has achieved a remarkable place in exportation market and ranked among the top three.

In 2002, Polmot has established Poldök casting factory in order to produce casting particles which had been supplied externally the factory by Poleks and Polmot companies.

In 2013, Polmot company signed partnership with worldwide known Caprari Firm for its submersible pumps and motors so that it can extend its market and for wider investment.

Italian Company Caprari S.P.A has signed a strategical partnership enterprise contract with Polmot for 50% of Polmot’s shares by acquirement and Caprari has become our business partner.

Polmot operationalised its new manufacturing factory with 16.000m2 indoors and 11.500m2 outdoors area of utilization, which is designed according to European standards with the experience of Caprari in the beginning of 2015.

Our Company, possessing TSE, ISO 9001-2000 and CE certifications, sustaining its manufacture with our electrical engineers, presents high-quality and trouble-free products to our valuable customers. We improve our quality-substructure even more by testing our products with our latest technology motor and submersible testing units. Our firm, since the first time it established, has become one of the top producers and appeals to the large portion of Turkey through its enthusiasm for achieving extremely difficult objectives and the importance it has given to high-quality. Furthermore, most of our products are delivered overseas by means of our wide ranged distributor network.

Our firm whose principles are honesty and high-quality appreciates its customers for their support and sincerity

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- Kaliteli hizmet anlayisiyla dalgiç motor ve dalgiç pompa sektöründe öncü firma olmak
- Müsteri memnuniyetini tedarikçi ve personel isbirligi ile en üst seviyede tutmak
- Degisime ve teknolojiye hizla ayak uydurarak her daim bir adim önde olmak
- Sürekli iyilestirmeyi ilke olarak benimsemek ve kalite yönetim sistemi sartlarina uymak
- Yaratici, çok yönlü, egitimli ve uyumlu çalisanlari ile ayni amaçta yürüyen ve gittikçe büyüyen bir aile olmak

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